Keywords: business risks, risk management, logistics management, strategic management, supply management


At the current stage of the development of economic relations, enterprises operate in specific protection from the risks associated with doing business. However, numerous unpredictable or poorly predictable negative factors can affect the functioning of certain areas of the enterprise, particularly the supply chain.

For many companies, especially those operating in B2B, the presence of a supply chain that works on time and without interruption is the key to regular operation. However, supply disruptions cause significant losses, including financial and reputational ones, and their recovery sometimes requires significant resources.

Given the current views on business risk management in terms of supply, we believe that this issue needs further research to identify ways to improve business management mechanisms and prevent and minimize risks without significant loss of development potential.

Therefore, the article aims to summarize the theoretical aspects of managing business risks associated with supplies.

The article focuses on the management of business risks arising from supply problems. We have outlined the factors that indicate the relevance of supply risk management at the present stage and, based on theoretical research, adapted the method of integrated risk calculation and offered the new mathematical model of business risk associated with supply. We have considered certain types of losses arising from non-compliance with the delivery terms and described at the theoretical level the provisions that should be taken into account in managing risks associated with deliveries. The results can be used in the enterprise's strategic planning in terms of risk management related to supplies.

A promising area of ​​further research is the detailing and empirical study of applying a mathematical model of business risk associated with supplies.

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