Keywords: business model, communication processes, communication channels, determinants of economic efficiency of business model, internal organizational communications, non-organizational communications


The modern enterprise is forced to constantly improve its business model, which depends on many factors. One such factor is communication. The article aims to identify the links and relationships between properly organized communication processes and business models of modern enterprises.

We determined the key elements of the business model of the enterprise, including value for external clients, which the enterprise offers based on its products and services; this value creation system, which includes suppliers, target customers and value chains; assets that the company uses to create value; financial model of the enterprise, which determines the structure of its costs and ways to make a profit. Finally, we presented the interdependence between the determinants of economic efficiency of the enterprise's business model.

We proved that each of the above elements is directly related to communication channels and the corresponding organization of communication processes inside and outside the enterprise and the relationship between the individual elements, internal and non-organizational communications.

We substantiated that the choice of appropriate communication tools is influenced by the following factors: the market, the size of the enterprise, the specifics of its activities, available financial resources. Properly selected means of communication should ensure clarity, efficiency, and compliance with the business model's expectations.

We determined that in order for the business model to function correctly, it must take into account the need to: communicate during the forecasting and development of standards, the formation of goals of the enterprise, areas, methods and means of their implementation; forming a team that can effectively perform the work assigned to it through the use of professional skills related to communication; motivate the team for communication aimed at positive identification with the company or achieving the effect of commitment; control the team in terms of communication, which is to inform employees in a way they understand the instructions, standards and recommendations.

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