Keywords: Ukrainian-Polish cooperation; hybrid aggression; NATO; European Union; Ukraine; Poland; Russia


The article clarifies that among the essential foundations of institutional support for international relations of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in resisting hybrid aggression by Russia, personal contacts of statesmen and politicians of the two countries will play an important role, but also institutional mechanisms of influence of both states. The article aims to investigate the mechanisms of influence of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in combating hybrid aggression by Russia. It has been proved that through collaboration, rather than mutual accusations, the problems of international security and the elimination of the hybrid threat from Russia can be solved. The course of Ukraine's cooperation with Poland "in Atlantic integration" - relations with the NATO bloc and participation in its programs - are considered separately. These principles show the differences in the contacts of Ukraine and Poland with NATO and the EU, the specificity of the chronology of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in the context of European and Atlantic integration. The role and importance of the Polish experience, which can and should be used by Ukraine on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration, was emphasized. Its analysis and implementation will remain relevant until the declared goal of Ukrainian foreign policy leaders is realized, and Ukraine becomes a member of the European Union and NATO. The need to intensify work on creating joint Ukrainian-Polish discussion platforms for the exchange of views and information, and most importantly - to develop a coordinated position on controversial issues. To do this, we need to build a network of information centres to strengthen the understanding that many decisions made in Ukraine are anti-Polish and similarly in Poland - anti-Ukrainian, but aimed at restoring historical memory and are an important part of every nation's national idea.

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