Keywords: public administration, legislation in the field of nanotechnologies, nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, world standards


The intensive development of nanotechnologies in the modern world is due to the possibility of obtaining, in the long run, significant effects and results without the extraordinary cost of natural resources and the great potential for impact on the economic system of society. Intensification of development and implementation in many countries of the state policy of accelerated nanoindustrialization of an economy based on large-scale financing of initiatives, strategies, various target programs of creation of the national nanoindustry became a reflection of fierce competition for supremacy in this sphere at the international level. The development of nanotechnologies creates preconditions for strengthening competitive positions, ensuring innovative modernization and national security of Ukraine, increasing economic growth. Today in Ukraine, scientists' attention to the development and dissemination of nanotechnology, the formation of the nanoindustry, the formation and expansion of the world market for products produced in this field is gradually increasing. Nevertheless, the legal aspects of the formation of nanotechnology in Ukraine, the formation of prospects for the development of approaches to public administration and the functioning of a special system of public authorities remain completely unexplored. There are isolated scientific researches by O. Pecherskyi, O. Synieokyi, Ya. Tryneva. This creates a situation where one of the most important areas of development of the modern world is outside the scope of legislative regulation and state control. In addition to the lack of a good theoretical basis for the development of nanoindustries, we note that in Ukraine, there is no special law in this area. Given the whole system of sources of domestic law, the legislative act of 2009 remains adopted and valid - the Concept of the State Targeted Scientific and Technical Program "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials" for 2010-2014, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 2, 2009, № 331-r.

In this scientific article, the authors analyze global trends in nanotechnology, their legislative consolidation and government regulation, outline the main shortcomings of the domestic regulatory framework and identify prospects and vectors for the development of the field.

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