Keywords: nanotechnology, labor employment, social implications, international perspective


Globally, nanotechnology is considered the most promising technology of the future, with great economic potential for growth and employment. Nanotechnology is definitely the next industrial revolution and can be expected to impact daily life directly and lead to changes in the areas of social and economic life. Nanotechnology is becoming a strategic investment area that no country or nation can neglect. New technologies are transforming everything from healthcare to transportation and manufacturing. New types of jobs are being created, and the structure of employment is changing. Atypical forms of employment are expanding. People of all ages will have to adapt to the new situation on the labour market, which is associated with technological changes and structural shifts in the demand for labour. The importance and possibility of retraining, advanced training, and career guidance throughout life will obviously be updated. The study shows the importance of monitoring the impact of new technologies on the development of labour relations and employment to identify risk areas. All these changes create new challenges for the policy of states in the labour market. In the last few years, both external organizations and the employment services themselves have pointed to the need to change the system of measures and develop new programs designed to prevent structural imbalances caused by new technologies. The need to intensify and stimulate innovative entrepreneurial activity is due to the need to increase the technical and technological level of production; increasing costs and deteriorating economic performance of enterprises; rapid obsolescence of machinery and technology; the prominent role of science and increase the efficiency of development and implementation of new technology; the importance and economic feasibility of strengthening the intensive factors of production development based on the use of scientific and technological progress in all spheres of economic activity; the need to significantly reduce the time of creation and development of new equipment; the importance of the development of mass creativity of inventors and innovators and the use of the results of their intellectual activity.

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