Keywords: judge, judiciary, image of a judge, raising the image of the judiciary, court and mass media, judicial policy


Scholars have traditionally considered issues and problems of the judiciary, and new impulses in the development of judicial reform simultaneously determine many initiatives of lawyers to critically comprehend, scientifically evaluate and formulate proposals for improving the relevant legal field. The article is devoted to analysing the formation of a high positive image of a judge in Ukraine. It is established that the problems of judges' image are not a new phenomenon for our country. On the contrary, a high positive image of a judge should guarantee effective protection and restoration of human rights and freedoms, an integral element of civil society, an indicator of the level of our statehood in the international arena.

The author points out that the image of a judge as one of the main subjects of forming a high image of the judiciary is generally based on existing legal (judicial) policy, recognised priorities and aimed at forming a positive public opinion about the work of courts, further development of their openness and accessibility to citizens and mass media, etc. At the same time, the range of subjects "responsible" for forming the image of the judiciary is not limited to judges, who are the main ones in this area of course.

It is stated that raising and maintaining the proper image (image) of a judge is a planned, purposeful activity of a certain range of subjects, which with the help of a wide range of tools and practices, should contribute to the formation of a positive impression of the judiciary as a whole.

The author of the study considers the formation of the professional image of a judge in three aspects: a) what is the image of the judge; b) what elements form it; c) what are the prerequisites for the formation of the professional image of judges. At the same time, they are closely intertwined and complement each other. It is proved that the activity of improving the image must be constantly supported because it can change in time and space, under the influence of various factors, because it is a changing and dynamic phenomenon.

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