General characteristics of the system of public procurement of goods, works and services in Ukraine

Keywords: public procurement system, budget funds, bidding, procurement model, state orders


The scientific article considers the theoretical foundations of public procurement, identifies the basic concepts used in their implementation, clarifies the role of procurement in the economy, and provides a classification. As the public procurement system has a significant impact on the national economy, the strategic, innovative, control, social, regulatory and incentive functions of the country to which procurement is directed are considered. In order to systematize information about the current system of public procurement in Ukraine and further analysis, its organizational model is considered. The importance of enshrining in law such a basic concept in the public procurement system as "state (municipal) needs" is beyond doubt, its absence will lead in practice to the problem of correct interpretation of what and who is subject to regulations on public procurement. The subject of legal regulation of the public procurement system under the Law on Public Procurement was only public relations in the process of placing orders for the supply of goods, works, services for state, municipal needs, and the needs of budgetary institutions.

In the process of implementing the public procurement system, each of these elements is implemented in stages, but, in addition, it should be noted that after planning public needs and, accordingly, future procurement to meet them, there are public relations to finance these procurements.

The author concludes that one of the main elements of the public procurement system, the proper establishment of which depends on the purposeful and efficient use of financial resources of the country, are state (municipal) needs, and therefore necessary at the legislative level in Art. 1 of the Law on Public Procurement to consolidate the concept of "state (municipal) needs"; it is necessary to make changes to the concept of "public procurement", because the currently established concept does not fully reflect the content of this system, in addition, is quite difficult to perceive; in the process of theoretical study of the public procurement system, it is also necessary to consider such an important element of this system as the financing of state (municipal) needs in accordance with the budget legislation of Ukraine.

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