Keywords: Ukrainian society, depressed mood of the population, child population health, depression, consequences, measures, overcoming.


The article is devoted to the important socio-economic problem - the influence of depression in Ukrainian society on the health of children. The urgency of the article is substantiated by the need to preserve and strengthen the health of children in modern Ukraine, where an extremely complex socio-political and socio-economic situation has emerged. It is noted that the strong health of children is a guarantee of reproduction of the gene pool of the nation. The author suggests that if children are surrounded by children with depressive mood, then they can have a negative impact on their health. That is why the article's aim is to consider the socio-economic problem of the influence of depression in Ukrainian society on the health of the child population and give it an adequate assessment.

To test the formulated assumption, a comparison was made between changes in the depressed mood of Ukrainian society and in the health of the children's population. For this purpose, the data of the sociological survey on the mood of Ukrainians, published by the sociological group "Rating", was conducted on December 12-28, 2017 by the method of personal face-to-face, as well as data on the health of children, published in scientific works, materials of statistical and other reports, etc. It is established that the current socio-political and socio-economic situation has significantly affected depressive attitudes in Ukrainian society.

Among the factors that influence the formation of depressions of Ukrainians in the sociological survey are identified as the most important of the following: military conflict in the East of Ukraine, bribery and corruption in power, unemployment, rising commodity prices and low wages or pensions, social stratification, gap between the poor and rich, raising tariffs on communal services and insufficient level of social protection, increase of crime and inability to receive high-quality medical services, unfavorable conditions for development of small and medium businesses, the lack of freedom and democracy, the inability to obtain a quality education.

Based on the analysis of sociological data, it was concluded that there are different types of depressive attitudes in Ukraine. This analysis confirmed the assumption Panishko Yu.M. and Shevchuk L.T. that the following types of depression may occur in Ukraine: simple (melancholy) depression (characterized by reduced consumer sentiment, inhibited reaction of the elite to socio-political events in the country, lower level of intellectual activity and slowing down of business activity); cloudy-disinformation depression (affects certain segments of the population who are certain that the country does not function or there are no structures necessary for the proper functioning of the state); agitated (anxiety) depression (characteristic of all strata of the population, is manifested in increased anxiety due to the political, economic, social and environmental situation in the world (terrorist attacks, military actions, lower living standards, etc.); anesthetic depression (characteristic of practically for all segments of the population of the country and manifests itself as a dulling of human feelings (compassion, desire to help my neighbor, etc.), etc.

It has been established that, in practice, all of these types of depression in varying degrees affect the health of children, resulting in a significant increase in the number of children with children with behavioral disorders and mental disorders. It has been found that anxiety and mental fatigue most affect children who see similar conditions of parents and neighbors.

The article focuses on the need to implement a set of measures aimed at mitigating and overcoming the negative effects of depression in Ukrainian society on the health of the child population. First of all, you need to fully appreciate this phenomenon. A sociological survey devoted to in-depth study of this particular problem should be conducted. It is necessary to monitor the health of children under the influence of depressive attitudes in Ukrainian society. It is important to review existing programs in Ukraine related to the preservation and enhancement of health, and to supplement them with measures and proposals aimed at solving the above problem.

It is noted that the perspective direction of further researches is an in-depth assessment of depressive attitudes in Ukrainian society, peculiarities of their emergence and the formation and specificity of the influence on the health of the children's population in order to mitigate and overcome them.


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