• Ю.А. Перегуда Навчально-науковий інститут міжнародних відносин та соціальних наук МАУП
Keywords: livestock industry, competitiveness, stakeholder, goals hierarchy, digitization, big data


Under modern conditions of significant challenges of exogenous and endogenous origin, the issue of ensuring competitiveness comes to the fore. As one of the key branches of the national and global economy, the Livestock industry is a special focus, considering food security risks and commodity prices’ volatility. This paper aims to analyze the drivers and prerequisites for ensuring products’ competitiveness in the livestock industry. The paper describes the exogenous and endogenous environment in which the livestock industry operates at the macro- and micro-level. An analysis of historical data on trends in animal husbandry’s development was carried out, and an assessment of its impact on the state of livestock products’ competitiveness was given. A set of crucial drivers shaping livestock products’ competitiveness is highlighted. The impact of modern technology development on the livestock industry’s prospects is considered. An analysis of key technological drivers’ applications, i.e., automation, IT and communication technologies, big data, and in-depth analytics in changing the livestock industry’s operations was carried out. A system of competitiveness analysis for the livestock industry based on the hierarchy of goals, tasks and economic evaluation is proposed. A hierarchy of financial and economic indicators is highlighted, which contribute to an in-depth analysis of competitiveness drivers and identification of problem areas in terms of business results. Prospects for further research include an in-depth analysis of competitiveness’ drivers for livestock products, taking into account data on changes in the state of the exogenous environment under external risks (pandemic, Russian armed aggression in Ukraine, food shortages crisis in certain regions of the world), as well as the development of a toolkit for transferring the results of the analysis of macro-level drivers to the micro-level in the context of taking managerial decisions on the company-level.

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