Keywords: child health, creative economy, information technologies, diseases.


The article analyzes the role of child health in building a creative economy of Ukraine. Modernization of the Ukrainian economy and its transition to a creative type from the agrarian-industrial model is one of the most important tasks in our time. Children's health, together with education and upbringing, is the first stage in the formation of the principles of a creative economy of the population of the state, the correct planning and implementation of which will in the future get the greatest effect in their correct and timely design and planning. We believe that one of the main factors influencing the formation of a creative economy in the state in the short and long term is the health of the children's population. Creative skills begin to develop in the individual even in childhood, which is why the importance of stimulating their development is posed in all educational programs of developed countries. At the same time, their implementation in adulthood is directly related to the formation of the health of the individual and the continuation of the life of their carriers. At the same time, for Ukrainian children, on the one hand, the challenge is satisfactory indicators of disease, which requires a significant improvement in the logistics of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. On the other hand, the development of information technology increases the burden on children in the mental sense and forms the risks of widespread use of gadgets and the Internet. It should be noted the importance of information and educational technologies for the preservation of health and the rehabilitation of children. After all, the formation of health-friendly habits and the monitoring of their own health with the timely detection of problems in childhood is very important. Formed ideas about a healthy lifestyle, ways to monitor the physical state of the organism and the psychological state of their own can provide a health-saving effect in later life. It is proposed to carry out continuous improvement of the policy of ensuring child health in the country; implement standards for the use of information technology among the children (restrictive technologies, prohibition mechanisms and liability); to stimulate the involvement of children and young people in various projects that allow to show creativity, develop intellectual and labor potential.


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