Keywords: national security, economic security, security, state administration, mechanisms of public administration, society, Ukraine.


In the substantive aspect, the national security of the state in the modern sense is multifaceted, which includes security in the economic, social, political, informational, educational demographic and other spheres. This is a category that covers almost all areas of human life, each of which is characterized by its own threats, and, accordingly, systems that provide protection from them. The main element of the national security of the state is economic security, since the realization of the national interests of Ukraine is possible only on the basis of sustainable economic development. To date, there is a need to develop scientifically sound mechanisms of state administration to ensure economic security, aimed at protecting the interests of the state. Today, there are every reason to assert that the accumulated potential of internal and external threats has reached a level where, without the development and implementation of a purposeful systemic policy of protection of national economic interests, the question of the existence of Ukraine as a holistic, sovereign state may appear on the agenda. Therefore, it is necessary to reveal the role of public administration mechanisms in ensuring the economic security of the state. A modern scientific analysis of the transformation of mechanisms of economic security as a component of national security of the state is carried out. The directions and tasks of the mechanisms of state administration concerning the economic security of the state are analyzed.


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