Keywords: power, state, politics, social and labor relations, social security.


One of the tasks of the Ukrainian state is to solve the problem of employment and employment of the population on the basis of realization of the right to work. The current content and direction of the state's activities involves guarantees of the protection of human rights and freedoms (Article 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine) with the use of powers of authority. The provision of these guarantees is one of the main responsibilities of the state, which seeks to become democratic,

legal and social for every citizen of Ukraine and society as a whole.

Determining the state as a social has a direct relation to employment of the population. For social state, which seeks to become Ukraine, should become a new type of formation as one of the main achievements the occupied person for which is characterized by economic activity, confidence in their professional abilities, the ability to make decisions independently related to the realization of the right to work, the rationality of behavior aimed at satisfying individual interests.

State policy is closely linked to elements that are logically related to each other. This applies to the concepts of "state" and "power", the analysis of which is widely discussed in various branches of law. Social-labor relations as one of the "tools" of the development of production and the economy as a whole remain relevant for further scientific research. The reasons for this are the consolidation in the Constitution of Ukraine of the foundations of a market economy, human rights and citizenship for private property, as well as the state's duty to the people of the country with regard to its proper social security and sufficient welfare.

Existing features of contemporary policy-making, which the state uses when exercising power, is one of the directions of its work in the field of labor.


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