Requirements for the design of the article for publication in the journal "Scientific Notes of Lviv University of Business and Law"

Articles submitted to the editorial board of the collection "Scientific Notes of the Lviv University of Business and Law" must meet the requirements for professional publications included in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine lists.

The sample design of the article is attached: SAMPLE

Key requirements:
The maximum number of authors is three people.
Availability of ORCIDs in reference format ( for all authors.
Availability of English-language (for English-language articles - Ukrainian) annotation of at least 1800 characters with spaces. Technical translation is not allowed.
Availability of all key elements of the article (title, authorship and place of work of the authors, annotation in Ukrainian and English, Jel-code, introduction, research results, conclusions, list of sources).
Absence of plagiarism, guest authorship (inclusion in the author's team of persons who were not directly involved in writing the article) and ghost authorship (absence of persons who were directly involved in writing the article in the author's team).

Technical requirements:
The article should be submitted in .docx format
All fields - 2 cm.
Line spacing 1, Times New Roman font, font size 14.
Justify alignment, the indentation of the first line on the left 1.25.
The volume of the article is from 7 to 12 pages (20 - 30 thousand characters with space). Pages are not numbered.
The link in the text is made out by serial numbers in square brackets, through a comma - page number.
All pages should be portrait-oriented. Tables and figures should not go beyond the fields. Drawings made with MS Word must be grouped.
Formulas must be designed through the internal formula editor MS Word.
The design of the elements should be carried out according to the sample. Pay special attention to the design of the following elements:

The introduction should contain information about the following elements (without separating the elements in the text of the introduction): the statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of the latest research and publications, in which the solution of this problem has been initiated and on which the author relies, selection of previously unsolved parts of the general problem, to which this article is devoted; formulation of the goals of the article (task statement).
The part "Results of the research" contains a statement of the main material of the research with a full substantiation of the obtained scientific results.
In part "Conclusions", it is necessary to present conclusions from this research and prospects of further research in this direction.
The part "List of used sources" should be prepared following the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302:2015. The list should contain only those works that are referenced in the text of the article.
The electronic version of the article should be sent to with a note in the letter's subject (Surname, initials of the author) Article to "Scientific Notes". Economic (legal) series.

Articles that do not meet these conditions will not be accepted for publication without corrections.

After approval of the article, the author must pay APC - 950 UAH.

The editor will send details for payment after approval of the article for publication.